Your Guide to Vehicle Storage Prices

How much does it cost to store a vehicle? In our guide below, Extra Space Storage walks you through the average vehicle storage costs, what factors impact pricing, and more.

How Much Does Vehicle Storage Cost?

On average, vehicle storage prices can be found as low as $45 a month and up to $450 a month at self storage facilities across the nation. Keep in mind that vehicle storage rates vary based on location, availability, type of vehicle storage, vehicle size, additional features and amenities, and state taxes.

What Impacts the Cost of Vehicle Storage?

The cost of vehicle storage is dependent on the location of the storage facility you’re renting from, what prices are like in your local market, what kind of vehicle storage you need, how big your vehicle is, and more.


Where you live or where you’re looking to store a vehicle will affect the price you pay when renting a space. In bigger cities where space comes at a premium, it may be harder to find affordable vehicle storage. Additionally, general cost of living can have an impact on self storage pricing in your local market.


Vehicle storage costs are subject to change depending on the size of your vehicle. Larger vehicles need bigger storage units or parking spaces, which can increase the price of your vehicle storage rental. For instance, RV storage and boat storage typically cost more than motorcycle storage and car storage.


There are different types of vehicle storage that can change your monthly rate: indoor vehicle storage, outdoor vehicle storage, and covered vehicle storage. In general, outdoor parking spaces at storage facilities are the more affordable option, as they provide less coverage for your vehicle.

Climate Control

If you opt for climate-controlled storage for your vehicle, the price may increase. Climate control can cost $25-$50 more per month compared to a non-climate-controlled storage unit.

We’ve compiled a list of a few Extra Space Storage’s markets across the country to highlight some average minimum and maximum vehicle storage rates.

City Minimum Price (monthly) Maximum Price (monthly)
Phoenix, AZ $66 $419
Irvine, CA $116 $560
Washington, DC $134 $222
Fort Lauderdale, FL $34 $350
Miami, FL $91 $547
Orlando, FL $84 $319
Atlanta, GA $43 $164
Chicago, IL $77 $395
Albuquerque, NM $32 $208
Las Vegas, NV $42 $284
Brooklyn, NY $100 $248
Memphis, TN $35 $205
Dallas, TX $45 $400
Houston, TX $28 $139

Note: Pricing ranges in this table include all types of vehicle storage, including indoor, outdoor, and covered. All prices are for reference only and are subject to change without notice.


Need to store a vehicle in your local area? Extra Space Storage has the convenient and affordable vehicle storage solution for you. Find your storage unit now!

Vehicle in self storage at Extra Space Storage.

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