Robotic lift trucks can cut operating expenses up to 70%

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February 15, 2022

Warehouses are increasingly using robotic lift trucks to improve productivity. Seasoned managers might be inclined to assume that such significant efficiency gains must come at a steep price, but the truth is that robotic lift trucks actually help lower operating costs.

While investing in automation can seem like a large expense upfront, a combination of labor, maintenance and equipment savings means that robotic lift trucks can cut operating expenses by up to 70% – making them a very sound investment. And because an operation can begin by deploying just a single truck as proof of concept before making a larger investment, robotic lift trucks offer a lower cost of entry and greater scalability than industry leaders might expect.

This white paper examines the ways in which warehouses can not only justify an investment in robotic lift trucks through speedy ROI – but achieve meaningful savings

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