Pickles announces new partnership – MHD

Pickles has announced its Corporate Charity Partnership with Healthy Heads Trucks & Sheds Foundation (HHTS), an industry umbrella body created to improve mental health and wellbeing across the road transport, warehousing, and logistics sector in Australia.

HHTS was launched in August 2020 with the key goal of lessening and preventing mental health issues. The foundation’s three-year National Mental Health and Wellbeing Roadmap provides individuals and companies with tools and resources to assist in fostering healthier workplaces.

“We are delighted to be partnering with HHTS and look forward to collaborating with them on a number of fronts this year,” Hugh Rainger, Pickles National Manager, Trucks & Machinery, says.

“Pickles has a long affiliation with the transport industry over the past 50 years and we see this as a great opportunity for us to not only better assist our own people, but also to give back to an industry that has been so good to us over time,” he adds.

“Every year, Pickles sell in excess of 30,000 trucks and trailers for and to a diverse range of vendors and buyers. Given the size of our marketplace, we deal with everyone from one-truck owner-operators to corporate line-haul larger fleets. This partnership provides us with an ability to connect with a wide range of people in the industry. This is one of the key reasons that we are so keen to partner with Healthy Heads Trucks & Sheds, and to ultimately make our industry safer and stronger.”

Pickle says since its beginnings in 1964, fostering a healthy working environment has been one of the key components in the work arena. It notes partnering with HHTS offers an opportunity to help promote and bring awareness to a very important cause.

“HHTS is about industry supporting industry and with support from Pickles, we can continue to drive awareness and increase understanding of mental health and wellbeing in our sector,” Naomi Frauenfelder, HHTS CEO says.

“We commend the foresight of Pickles in getting behind the cause of HHTS and look forward to working closely with them to drive improved outcomes when it comes to building healthy, happy and thriving working environments for all members of the sector today and into the future.”

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