How to Unpack After Moving: A Step by Step Guide

Since you have already assembled the big furniture, including the bed frames, start by finishing the beds.  Beds are the first essential element in the bedrooms that you should place if you want to have a comfortable first night. All you have left to do is put the mattresses and sheets on the beds. 

After that, gather all the boxes belonging to the bedrooms and put them in their respective bedroom. Once you have gathered all the boxes, unpacking your clothes should be the next step. You don’t want to go through your boxes every day looking for a pair of socks or a sweater. Therefore, you should unpack your clothes and put them in your wardrobe and your dresser. This unpacking tip will definitely save you time for the next morning! 

After unpacking your clothes, you should assemble the different furniture that you have not already assembled and place them in the bedrooms. Finish by unpacking the rest of your boxes that belong to the living room and store their contents.

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