How to Pack Houseplants for Moving

Check your new state’s plant hardiness zone to ensure your plants are suited to their new environment. Some plants may be able to adjust from a mountain climate to an ocean climate, but others may not. 

Some plants, such as cactuses and succulents, may be more amenable to a long-distance move. If houseplants are too delicate to make the move or are unlikely to thrive in their new environment, try minimalist living and consider gifting them to family, friends, or neighbors. You can also sell them on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. 

Check with local organizations or businesses to see if they accept plant donations. Libraries, churches, schools, hospitals, senior living centers, and businesses with waiting rooms would probably love to provide a new home to a healthy houseplant. 

Before you gift, sell, or donate your houseplants, consider taking cuttings of your favorites so you can propagate the next generation when you arrive at your new location. 

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